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Announcement: Acquired by PerformZen

Last Updated: July 6, 2024

Big News: has been acquired by PerformZen. PerformZen are the producers of the first all-natural performance anxiety supplement and have big plans for — all of which will get laid out here. Acquired by PerformZen

To get right to the point: after months of deliberation and hammering out all the details, I (Anita) have sold the website to Jane & Lewis, the founders behind PerformZen.

The standing agreement is that I will continue on as the chief operator of, and none of the current content on this site (or on related social channels and communities) will be removed or changed. All that’s to say: if you like the current site as it is, and appreciate all of the content we’ve published over the last couple of years, then you have nothing to fear as all of that will remain (perhaps with some editing, updating and reviewing where needed in order to keep everything accurate and up-to-date).

Will Anything Change?

I am in the planning phases with the PerformZen team right now laying out the ‘how’, but we have already determined that will be changing in 3 significant ways:

  1. Store: We are going to be introducing several products for sale on this very website! The obvious first additions will be the PerformZen natural supplement and Fear Workbook which are fantastic for managing performance anxiety and social anxiety issues (I reviewed the supplement independently a long while back here, if you’re interested in more info). But we are also developing some courses & workshops specifically to help with getting over stage fright and being the best performer you can be! The store is still being built, but will be available at shortly.
  2. Free Get Over Stage Fright (Fast) Course: I have been working on a ‘mini book’ for for some time, but I haven’t had the resources and time to complete it in addition to my client work. The book has the working title “Get Over Stage Fright (Fast)” (a nod to the popular book Getting Over Stage Fright by Janet Esposito, previous owner of Now that I’m part of the team at PerformZen, we all agreed that focusing on the book as a priority is a very good idea, and I’m already back in the trenches (‘the trenches’ is what I call the desk in my living room) chipping away at it; I really believe this book will be one of the best things I’ve ever produced. But back to the course: I have taken the core ideas of the book, and put together an online course that will help anyone with an upcoming, high-anxiety event such as a keynote, wedding speech, critical sales presentation or practically any ‘on stage’ event. The course will provide you with several techniques that you can use to quickly defeat any performance anxiety/stage fright/pre-performance jitters you’ve been having, while helping you focus in and crush the scenario you’re facing down. The best part, this course is ABSOLUTELY FREE (for now), it’s spread out over 3 days to make sure you have enough time to implement the recommended techniques, and you can sign up and receive part 1 of the course instantly by heading over to or clicking here!
  3. YouTube Channel: We are going to begin producing video content for You can check out the channel and subscribe to get future updates at

We have A TON more planned, but for now these 3 changes will be taking up all of our time as we roll them out in the next month or two. This is going to be a lot of work, but I am excited and really think that we’re going to add a ton of value to

My goal has always been to make this website the go-to resource for performers, professional or amateur, seeking to overcome their performance anxiety issues and stage fright fears! I fully intend to see that mission through to completion, and then to maintain our status as a deeply researched, constantly up-to-date and trustworthy source of information for anyone suffering from performance fears!

Leave comments down below with any questions, clarification requests or general comments, and I’ll get back to you asap. Or you can always get in contact here with more specific or private questions.

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Anita is the owner and lead writer for A seasoned musician and public speaker herself, she is no stranger to the very real fear and anxiety that can strike right before a high-pressure situation. That's why Anita is passionate about writing content that helps people learn about and overcome their anxieties & social fears so that they can perform at their best when it counts and live anxiety-free lives.