Created to help you overcome your performance fears and shine in the spotlight! was originally started by Janet Esposito (MSW, LCSW) in 1999 to help people who have a fear of public speaking and performing through her publications, workshops and personal coaching. More than 20 years later, this website has grown to be the main resource for anybody who needs to perform at the top of their game in high-pressure situations. We help readers learn about stage fright, social anxiety & performance anxiety so that they can overcome their fears and perform at their best in any situation.

Our Mission

The whole team believe in a simple idea: that all humans should be able to maintain and repair their own bodies & health systems. This includes physical and mental health, from being able to diagnose and treat a small skin irritant like a rash, through to making sure that mentally we are able to withstand the ups and downs that life inevitably throws at us!

We genuinely believe that it is the duty of every individual to understand their bodies & minds deeply, and to be prepared and willing to tweak and repair ourselves, to the best of our abilities, when necessary.

Put another way; we all need to know “what’s under the hood” with our health. The same way we learn to change a tire or check the oil levels with automobiles; we need to be able to diagnose, understand (at least on a basic level) and, if possible, remedy our bodies, mind and vital systems in order to keep us humming along smoothly & happily!

This is often referred to in the industry as “self-health”. When it comes to Anxiety and performing at a high-level, we genuinely believe it’s important for individuals to know what’s going on in their own mind and optimize mental conditions so that you can thrive and avoid the perils of stage fright, fear and what Steven Pressfield refers to as ‘the resistance‘:

Resistance is… a universal force that has one sole mission: to keep things as they are.

…Resistance does not have a personal vendetta against anyone, rather it is simply trying to accomplish its only mission. It is the force that will stop an individual’s creative activity through any means necessary, whether it be rationalizing, inspiring fear and anxiety, emphasizing other distractions that require attention, raising the voice of an inner critic, and much more. It will use any tool to stop creation flowing from an individual, no matter what field the creation is in.

…Resistance is the most dangerous element to one’s life and dreams since its sole mission is to sabotage aspirations.

~ Resistance (Creativity)

Fighting ‘resistance’, fear and general anxiety is what we spend all of our time researching, discussing and trying to solve here at We collect all of our findings, compiling and summarizing the best information for our readers with the goal of helping you overcome your own fears, performance and social anxieties. We aim to be the most comprehensive source online for those trying to diagnose and heal their own anxieties so that readers can perform at their best in any situation!

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