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Public Speaking Tips for Glossophobia

Public Speaking Tips To Overcome Glossophobia

For many, public speaking is literally the scariest thing they could do (many rank speaking in front of large crowds as being scarier than snakes, and for some, even death)! Here we look at a number of tips and tricks that a budding speaker can use to make sure they’re not overwhelmed by their fear of speaking in public, or glossophobia as it’s called in scientific circles.

Is anxiety neurodivergent?

Is Anxiety Neurodivergent? What The Science & Research Tells Us

Neurodivergence was first identified by an Australian sociologist called Judy Singer in the late 90s. It refers to the idea that differences in the human brain are natural & normal and, in a lot of cases, can lead to meaningful and positive insights and abilities. The question is commonly asked about anxiety: is anxiety neurodivergent? In this article we look at what Neurodiversity and neurotypical are, what the benefits might be and finally figure out whether anxiety is neurodivergent or not.

How to overcome extreme golfing nerves

How To Fight (and Overcome) Extreme Golfing Nerves

Is nervousness and overall anxiety messing with your golf game? You may be suffering from golfing nerves, or ‘golf anxiety’ and believe it or not, this may actually be a good sign! Here we look at what is causing your golfing nerves, how to use the same techniques that golf pros use to overcome them and improve your game, plus several golf nerves remedies that will help you elevate your performance.

How cure Golf Yips

Golf Yips Cures – How To Overcome Yips & Anxiety To Improve Your Golf Performance

Golf, at higher levels, is a mentally taxing sport. You need to balance mental focus and calm with hundreds, maybe thousands, of physical variables that can all make or break your game. A common issue for many golfers is experiencing ‘the golf yips’, traditionally during the short game (pitch shots, chip shots and putts). Here we will look at what ‘the yips’ are, what causes them, and uncover five different remedies that you can use to overcome golf yips so that you can level-up your game.

Glossophobia or the Fear of Public Speaking

Overcoming Glossophobia (Fear of Public Speaking)

Depending on which survey you analyze; Glossophobia (or ‘Fear of Public Speaking’) is the second or first biggest fear of adult Americans. What’s strange is that this phobia of public speaking just doesn’t effect some people at all, while for others it can be a crippling fear that significantly impacts their life. In this article we look at what Glossophobia is, why it effects some and not others, and share several techniques to overcome glossophobia and defeat your fear of public speaking.

How to Overcome Audition Anxiety

How to Calm Audition Nerves & Overcome Audition Anxiety

Almost all actors & performers have experienced audition nerves. Here we look at why you feel anxious during your auditions and reveal several strategies for overcoming audition anxiety, including one technique borrowed from George Clooney.

How the singer Adele manages her stage fright

How Adele Manages Her Stage Fright

We recently came across an interesting story about how the singer Adele manager her stage fright & anxiety so that she can perform on stage in front of thousands when she’s on tour. Read on to find out how Adele uses an alter-ego to overcome her crippling stage fright.

How to overcome stage fright - a complete guide

Overcoming Stage Fright: A Complete Guide

Anyone who has ever felt the fear and overwhelming experience that comes with performing on stage or in front of a large audience will have asked themselves “how can I get over this stage fright?” at some point. Here we uncover several exercises that can help you overcome stage fright & performance anxiety.

The Science of Stage Fright - how to understand & conquer stage fright

The Science of Stage Fright: How to Understand & Conquer Stage Fright

If you feel like you’re trapped by your stage fright, paralyzed by fear before going up on stage, giving a speech, approaching that attractive guy/gal while out walking, or at any point; then this guide is for you. We look at using a scientific approach to understanding & conquering stage fright.