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Propranolol for Public Speaking Anxiety

Can Propranolol Help with Public Speaking Anxiety?

Considering that over 40 percent of US adults state (in certain surveys) that they have a signigicant fear of public speaking, it’s surprising that there isn’t a lot more talk in the media about overcoming and managing one of the nations largest collective phobias! Since the 60s, a heart-medication drug has been the secret tool for public speakers trying to get a handle on their performance anxiety/stage fright issues. That prescription drug is a beta-blocker called Propranolol, which is actually the most commonly prescribed beta blocker drug in the US. In this article, I’m going to take a look at why so many public speakers use Propranolol to help with their performance anxiety issues, I’ll share my personal experience with the drug, and you’ll find out what the side-effects and downsides are, as well as some alternatives.

Robert Downey Jr using beta blockers for anxiety?

Why was Robert Downey Jr Talking About Beta Blockers for anxiety?

During his Golden Globe Award acceptance speech for best supporting actor in the movie Oppenheimer, actor Robert Downey Jr very briefly mentioned beta-blockers in relation to anxiety and stage fright, when he said “I took a beta-blocker so this will be a breeze”. Here we look at why Robert Downey Jr was talking about beta-blockers, what beta-blocker drugs are, how they work for anxiety, what the downsides are, and uncover other celebrities who have also gone public about using beta blockers to help with their anxiety problems.

Propranolol vs Bisoprolol Beta-Blockers for Anxiety

Propranolol vs Bisoprolol Beta Blockers for Anxiety

Both Propranolol (brand name Inderal) and Bisoprolol (brand name Zebeta) are prescription beta blocker medications that were originally designed to block the effects of adrenaline on the heart, helping people manage their heart and cardiac issues successfully. However because these medications block adrenaline, these beta blockers are also used “off script” by some to help them get rid of anxiety symptoms and stage fright. In this article we look at Bisoprolol and Propranolol beta-blockers and see which is best for anxiety symptoms.

Nebivolol For Anxiety & Stage Fright

Nebivolol For Anxiety And Stage Fright – Everything You Need to Know

Nebivolol is a prescription beta blocker that is prescribed under the OTC brand name Bystolic in order to treat heart conditions and to assist with cardiovascular conditions like hypertension and irregular heartbeat. Many professional performers like musicians, singers, speakers and actors use beta blockers like Nebivolol ‘off-script’ to help with their performance anxiety and stage fright symptoms before, or during, a performance. In this article we will take a look at the beta blocker Nebivolol, and try to understand why so many celebrities and performers are using the beta blockers to help with their anxiety, see what the recommended dosage is, while also reviewing any downsides and side-effects to the medication. We even take a look at some natural alternatives for those who don’t want to use a prescription medication like Bystolic to help overcome their fears and anxieties.

Metoprolol For Anxiety Reviews

Metoprolol Reviews – Feedback from Metoprolol for Anxiety Users

Metoprolol is one of the most common selective beta-blockers prescribed over 25 million times every year in the US. This prescription beta-blocker commonly sold as Lopressor is used in treating high blood pressure and other cardiovascular conditions. Metoprolol is also commonly used off-script by high-level performers like actors, musicians, and public speakers to overcome stage fright and performance anxiety issues. This article looks at several user reviews of Metoprolol, and we respond after explaining how metoprolol works, what its side-effects are, and whether it has a risk of dependency, finally determining whether Metoprolol is a suitable solution for stage fright and performance anxiety symptoms.

Propranolol Reviews for Anxiety

Propranolol Reviews – Feedback From Propranolol for Anxiety Users

Propranolol is the most common prescription beta-blocker that performers of all sorts (singers, public speakers, company managers & leaders, etc) use off-script to help with their stage fright, performance anxiety and general anxiety issues. In this article we look at several user reviews of Propranolol and share feedback and thoughts on some of the points raised within the Propranolol reviews. If you are considering using Propranolol to help with your anxiety issues, you need to see these reviews and feedback.

Kick Propranolol vs Hims Propranolol for Stage Fright & Performance Anxiety

Hims vs Kick – The Best Place to Buy Beta Blockers For Performance Anxiety Online?

Prescription adrenaline blockers (or beta-blockers as they are commonly called) are extremely popular amongst career and amateur performers alike. They are used “off-script” for helping individuals manage their stage fright & anxiety symptoms, and the most commonly prescribed beta blocker in the US is called Propranolol (commonly sold under the brand name Inderal). Tech-focused startups with the goal of making prescription medications for mental health issues easily, affordably and legally available for the average consumer have popped up in recent years, and two of the most popular are the companies ‘Hims’ and ‘Kick’. Here we share our findings from using both of these performance anxiety medication startups and determine which is better, as well as review what they are actually selling.

Propranolol For Anxiety Ultimate Guide

Ultimate Guide To Propranolol For Anxiety

The beta-blocker Propranolol is the most prescribed beta-blocker in the US, and is (very) commonly used off-script for anxiety & stage fright symptoms by professional performers of all sorts. Many singers, CEOs, orchestra musicians and anyone who is experiencing severe anxiety in the run up to a high-stakes event have used Propranolol to help with their anxiety. In this article we take a look at how and why propranolol works to help with performance anxiety, as well as looking at recommended dosage, downsides and side-effects, as well as several prescription & natural alternatives to Propranolol. Keep reading if you are interested in using propranolol to help with your performance anxiety, as this is the ultimate guide to Propranolol that you’ve been looking for.

Natural Metoprolol Alternatives

5 Natural Alternatives To Metoprolol For Anxiety

Metoprolol is a selective beta-blocker that’s prescribed around 27 million times a year in the US. It’s commonly used to help treat high blood pressure and similar heart-related conditions, but it is also commonly used off-script by performers (musicians, actors, public speakers, etc.) to help with performance anxiety and stage fright issues. The same function of Metoprolol that makes it good for helping with blood pressure issues, makes it helpful with anxiety as well. There are some side-effects & downsides to Metoprolol however, so here we look at how the drug works, and what prescription and natural alternatives exist for Metoprolol.

Bisoprolol for Anxiety

Bisoprolol (Zebeta) For Anxiety: Can Bisoprolol Help With Anxiety Symptoms?

Bisoprolol is a prescription beta-blocker, normally prescribed under the brand-name Zebeta to treat cardiovascular conditions like hypertension and irregular heartbeats. Many high-level performers, musicians, speakers & artists use beta blockers like Bisoprolol off-script to help reduce performance anxiety or stage fright before and during a big performance. Here, we take a look at why so many performers and celebrities are using Bisoprolol to help with their anxiety, and we determine if Bisoprolol is actually a good long-term solution to stage fright. We also look at how Bisoprolol works exactly, what the side-effects are, what the recommended dosages are and even check to see if there are any natural alternatives.

Over the counter beta blocker substitutes

Is There An Over The Counter Substitute To Beta Blockers For Anxiety?

Beta blockers are commonly used ‘off-script’ by performers such as musicians, public speakers, athletes, etc to help with performance anxiety symptoms. Here we look at how beta-blockers work and uncover several substitutes to beta blockers available over the counter that performers who are worried about beta blocker side-effects can use.

Atenolol for Anxiety - what you need to know

Atenolol for Anxiety – What You Need to Know

Atenolol, commonly sold under the brand name Tenormin, is a commonly prescribed pharmaceutical beta-blocker. Beta blockers (beta-adrenergic blocking agents) are traditionally prescribed to help with heart conditions, angina, arrhythmia, etc. Many professional musicians use beta-blockers like Atenolol off-script to help with their stage fright and performance anxiety, as beta blockers essentially help the user steady their heart rate and block the release of adrenaline into the bloodstream. Here we look at what Atenolol is exactly, examine it’s effectiveness against anxiety symptoms, and see if Atenolol is effective for anxiety.

Natural Beta Blocker Alternatives for Anxiety

10 Natural Beta Blocker Alternatives For Anxiety

Beta-blockers are commonly used by performers (musicians, public speakers, athletes, etc) off script to help with stage fright symptoms. Here we look at how beta-blockers work, what the side-effects are and uncover several natural alternatives to beta blockers that performers who are worried about beta blocker side-effects can use.

Propranolol vs Metoprolol for Performance Anxiety - which is best?

Propranolol vs Metoprolol for Anxiety: Which Beta Blocker is better for Anxiety?

Propranolol (commonly sold under the brand name Inderal) and Metoprolol (commonly sold as Lopressor) are both beta blockers designed to block the effects of adrenergic hormones, and are prescribed to treat various heart conditions. However, beta blockers like propranolol and metoprolol are also used off-script to prevent anxiety symptoms. We look at which beta blocker is most effective against performance anxiety symptoms.

Beta Blockers for Anxiety: Guide

Beta-Blockers for Performance Anxiety & Social Anxiety: The Facts

Beta Blockers like Propranolol, Atenolol and Metoprolol are commonly used by musicians and other performers to stay calm during their performances. We look at what beta blockers are, how they work against anxiety & stage fright and determine if there are any side effects. We also look at alternatives to beta blockers and determine if there are other ways to remedy anxiety symptoms.