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Natural Metoprolol Alternatives

5 Natural Alternatives To Metoprolol For Anxiety

Metoprolol is a selective beta-blocker that’s prescribed around 27 million times a year in the US. It’s commonly used to help treat high blood pressure and similar heart-related conditions, but it is also commonly used off-script by performers (musicians, actors, public speakers, etc.) to help with performance anxiety and stage fright issues. The same function of Metoprolol that makes it good for helping with blood pressure issues, makes it helpful with anxiety as well. There are some side-effects & downsides to Metoprolol however, so here we look at how the drug works, and what prescription and natural alternatives exist for Metoprolol.

Does a Stage Fright Pill Exist?

Does A Stage Fright Pill Exist?

Just like with any difficulty commonly faced by people around the world, professional performers (and non-performers) have sought out some form of ‘stage fright pill’ to help with their performance anxiety issues for a long time. Beta-blocker medications have often been used ‘off-script’ for anxiety, and there are some alternatives to beta-blockers in the form of supplements and some unique techniques. Here we are going to look into whether a stage fright pill even exists, what side-effects they may have and what the alternatives are.

Bisoprolol for Anxiety

Bisoprolol (Zebeta) For Anxiety: Can Bisoprolol Help With Anxiety Symptoms?

Bisoprolol is a prescription beta-blocker, normally prescribed under the brand-name Zebeta to treat cardiovascular conditions like hypertension and irregular heartbeats. Many high-level performers, musicians, speakers & artists use beta blockers like Bisoprolol off-script to help reduce performance anxiety or stage fright before and during a big performance. Here, we take a look at why so many performers and celebrities are using Bisoprolol to help with their anxiety, and we determine if Bisoprolol is actually a good long-term solution to stage fright. We also look at how Bisoprolol works exactly, what the side-effects are, what the recommended dosages are and even check to see if there are any natural alternatives.

Over the counter beta blocker substitutes

Is There An Over The Counter Substitute To Beta Blockers For Anxiety?

Beta blockers are commonly used ‘off-script’ by performers such as musicians, public speakers, athletes, etc to help with performance anxiety symptoms. Here we look at how beta-blockers work and uncover several substitutes to beta blockers available over the counter that performers who are worried about beta blocker side-effects can use.

Propranolol Vs Xanax for Anxiety - are benzos or beta-blockers better for performance anxiety?

Propranolol vs Xanax for Anxiety – Are Benzodiazepines better than Beta Blockers?

Propranolol (commonly sold under the brand name Inderal) and Xanax, a well-known Benzodiazepine medication, are both drugs commonly prescribed and used to help with stress responses and anxiety. Benzodiazepines including Xanax act on the brain and central nervous system (CNS) to produce a calming effect, whereas beta-blockers like Propranolol focus on the cardiovascular system & heart to lower blood pressure with the side-effect of lowering anxiety. Here we look at the pros and cons of both Xanax & Propranolol for anxiety; including side-effects, addiction risks, dosages for anxiety & in-depth looks at how they work and what natural alternatives exist for anxiety.

Depakote For Anxiety

Valproic Acid (Depakote) For Anxiety: Can Depakote Help With Anxiety Symptoms?

Depakote is used “off-script” by many performers, musicians, and others suffering to help with anxiety issues; performance anxiety, social anxiety, or otherwise. Here we look at what Depakote is, how it works against anxiety, compare it to other alternatives like beta-blockers & natural supplements, examine any side-effects and long-term downsides, and figure out if Depakote is effective against anxiety.

How famous athletes handle pressure

How Famous Sporting Figures Deal with Pressure

For many sports athletes, the stakes are extremely high and they are under extraordinary pressure. The smallest step wrong or right can be the difference between a huge win or a devastating loss. This pressure can be debilitating but there are a few athletes who have made the art of performing under pressure look easy, and here we look at how they do it.

PerformZen Performance Anxiety Supplement Review

PerformZen Calm Performance Formula Review – Beta-Blocker Alternative Supplement for Stage Fright & Anxiety?

I have been recommending PerformZen Calm Performance Formula on this website a lot recently, as well as to several clients who are seeking fast-acting solutions to their stage fright and anxiety issues. A couple of readers have actually reached out asking for more information about the performance anxiety supplement, so I reached out to the founders of the company and managed to arrange a phone interview with Jane Nguyen, one of the ‘brains behind the operation’. We dig into the PerformZen supplement, how it became a product in the first place, how it compares to prescription beta blockers, and I even share my own thoughts and review of the all-natural stage fright supplement.

Atenolol for Anxiety - what you need to know

Atenolol for Anxiety – What You Need to Know

Atenolol, commonly sold under the brand name Tenormin, is a commonly prescribed pharmaceutical beta-blocker. Beta blockers (beta-adrenergic blocking agents) are traditionally prescribed to help with heart conditions, angina, arrhythmia, etc. Many professional musicians use beta-blockers like Atenolol off-script to help with their stage fright and performance anxiety, as beta blockers essentially help the user steady their heart rate and block the release of adrenaline into the bloodstream. Here we look at what Atenolol is exactly, examine it’s effectiveness against anxiety symptoms, and see if Atenolol is effective for anxiety.

Natural Beta Blocker Alternatives for Anxiety

10 Natural Beta Blocker Alternatives For Anxiety

Beta-blockers are commonly used by performers (musicians, public speakers, athletes, etc) off script to help with stage fright symptoms. Here we look at how beta-blockers work, what the side-effects are and uncover several natural alternatives to beta blockers that performers who are worried about beta blocker side-effects can use.

Propranolol vs Metoprolol for Performance Anxiety - which is best?

Propranolol vs Metoprolol for Anxiety: Which Beta Blocker is better for Anxiety?

Propranolol (commonly sold under the brand name Inderal) and Metoprolol (commonly sold as Lopressor) are both beta blockers designed to block the effects of adrenergic hormones, and are prescribed to treat various heart conditions. However, beta blockers like propranolol and metoprolol are also used off-script to prevent anxiety symptoms. We look at which beta blocker is most effective against performance anxiety symptoms.

Beta Blockers for Anxiety: Guide

Beta-Blockers for Performance Anxiety & Social Anxiety: The Facts

Beta Blockers like Propranolol, Atenolol and Metoprolol are commonly used by musicians and other performers to stay calm during their performances. We look at what beta blockers are, how they work against anxiety & stage fright and determine if there are any side effects. We also look at alternatives to beta blockers and determine if there are other ways to remedy anxiety symptoms.

The best Performance Anxiety & Stage Fright books to help you with your fears

The Best Performance Anxiety & Stage Fright Books

We investigate the best performance anxiety & stage fright books for high level performers. Covering classics like ‘In The Spotlight’ and ‘Speak With No Fear’, if you’re a high level performer who suffers from stage fright, these books can help you.